‘Haven’ Season 3, Episode 12 Recap: ‘Reunion’

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Being postponed for a month didn’t dampen the spirits of the reunion as Nathan and Duke prepared to deal with their former classmates in this episode of ‘Haven’.

The show starts of precisely where the previous episode left off. Audrey and the skinwalker are talking and the skinwalker claims that Audrey, as Lucy, destroyed her and she is there for revenge. Audrey has no memory of this and once the skinwalker realizes this it knocks Audrey out after telling her that Audrey’s son James knows another way to end the Troubles.

Nathan arrives and after receiving no reply to his knock, peeks in the window to find an unconscious Audrey. He wakes her and she tells him what happened. He initially thinks she is now the skinwalker but she is able to prove otherwise.

Across town, a teenager is running from someone. He hides under the bleachers and is then crushed.

Audrey and Nathan are called to the scene of the bleacher-crushing the next morning. Nathan recognizes him as they were in the same graduating class only the victim has aged a day, literally. As they turn to leave and go to the station, three other members of Nathan’s graduating class arrive to begin setting up for the class reunion. Robert, the class dork is now a motivational speaker, Jeanine the prom queen and Denise the class mean girl are working as a group to set things up. Nathan says hello and he and Audrey leave.

At the station, Audrey and Nathan meet with Duke, Vince, Dave and Dwight. They tell them that they are the only people that they can now trust and that time is running out to catch the skinwalker. Duke asks where Claire is and Nathan informs him and the others that Claire is the latest known victim of the skinwalker. Nathan is running a program of the composite parts of the mutilated women to try to determine who the skinwalker is building. When the program finishes the analysis it shows a photo of Arla, the missing wife of James Cogan. Duke suggests that the skinwalker may have always been Arla.

Viewers see the skinwalker assume the face of Arla Cogan.

They split up and everyone is now searching for Arla Cogan. Duke goes back to his bar and runs into Jeanine. She has gained weight over the years and he doesn’t recognize her at first. Then blows her off completely when Arla Cogan walks in and asks to talk to him.

Arla wants to make sure that Audrey goes into that barn. She also tells Duke that Audrey is in love with Nathan and that once she goes away their troubles will be over for the next 27 years. Duke asks Arla what she wants from him.

Nathan and Audrey are called back to the school where Denise has turned up dead after being transformed back into a teenager. Nathan tells Audrey that she can let others handle the investigation but she says she would rather spend her last day with him. The pair tell Robert and Jeanine about Denise and ask if they are familiar with the Troubles. Both claim it’s a myth. The decision is made to continue with the reunion. Nathan feels it will be easier to protect everyone if they are all together.

Duke is on his boat and notices a locker on the deck. He opens it to find a snake. Someone hits him on the head and he falls into the water. When he resurfaces he’s a teenager. He immediately goes to the police station to see Audrey and Nathan. Nathan recognizes him and they go over a list of suspects. Duke recalls running into Jeanine and Nathan goes to talk to her.

At the park, Jeanine admits to Nathan that she is Troubled. Her Trouble is that everything she eats turns into wedding cake and has for the past three years. Nathan lets her go and when Duke asks about it Nathan says that Jeanine is Troubled but is no longer a suspect; her Trouble is too crazy not to be true.

At the reunion, Nathan and Audrey are dancing and going over the case when they realize that the person they are looking for is Robert. They go to try to find him and are barely able to save two other classmates from death. Audrey catches up with Robert and has he tries to kill her Arla shoots him. As he reverts to his former self, Duke changes back into an adult. Robert has no memory of the events. He and Jeanine get together and Dwight takes them to a safe place.

Audrey Goes to her apartment and finds Arla waiting for her. Arla tells Audrey that 27 years ago James was mortally injured. Lucy took him into the barn and didn’t wait for Arla. By the time Arla got to the barn she couldn’t get in. She wants to be with James and has been waiting for Audrey to take her to him. Arla says that either Audrey takes her to the barn or she will kill Duke and Nathan.

‘Haven’ ends with the barn reappearing and Agent Howard stepping out of it with James and asking him where he wants to go.

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