‘Haven’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: ‘Over My Head’

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Just when the viewer thought “Haven” couldn’t possibly get any stranger, woman is killed by a shark in a swimming pool. Oh well, that seems to be the way things happen in this odd little town.

The show starts with Nathan showing Tommy the security tape footage of a woman being killed and scalped. Nathan gives the care to Tommy while he runs off to help Audrey at the local aquatic center. It seems that a man who is terrified of water watched while his fill-in swimming instructor is killed by a shark in the local swimming pool. Immediately thinking that this is a Trouble (you think?) Nathan begins to ask him Trouble related questions. It promptly hits a dead end when the man reveals that he comes from a long line of sailors. So the Troubled person is not him. He is sent home and Nathan and Audrey return to the station.

A short while later Audrey and Nathan are informed that the man from the swimming pool is dead. It seems he drowned standing up in the shower. Duke appears and says he is joining the investigation. While Audrey and Nathan are discussing the matter and Duke joining them on the investigation, they hear commotion outside. Going to investigate they see a wave of water wash down the middle of the street and “attack” a car. They rush to help the driver who is uninjured except for a small cut on his leg. He is sent to his home around the corner to change into dry clothing and then he is to report back to the station.

Audrey Duke and Nathan begin to look for a connection between the men and there seems to be none. They decide to check on the original swim instructor for the dead-in-the-shower guy. Audrey instructs Duke to call her and not stop until she answers. They go to the house of the woman and she isn’t there. Her neighbor approaches them to say he is worried because she hasn’t been home all night. As he is talking to them he begins to scratch at himself and is then covered with bugs. He is taken to the hospital. Audrey and Nathan decide to go back to the station to talk to the wave-guy but he never reported in and isn’t answering his phone.

Nathan, Duke and Audrey get to the home of the Wave-guy and he is bleeding badly from the small cut on his leg. In fact, he is bleeding out. They call an ambulance and before the guy passes out he reveals to Audrey about a car he hit that went over the cliff into the ocean. About this time Duke collapses and begins drowning. Audrey performs CPR on him and is able to revive him. That’s when they determine that the woman must still be alive. She seems to be thinking of people who might be able to save her and then her fears attack them. She saw Duke’s name appear on her phone.

They are able to narrow down the place of the woman and find the car at the bottom of the cliff and resting in the ocean. The woman is trapped inside and can see sharks swimming in the distance and she knows that the tide will soon be coming in at which time she will drown. Oh, the bug thing is that they were in her air conditioning system and when the water rushed in they rushed out. She also has a bleeding cut on her leg.

While Nathan and Audrey are trying to decide the best way to get to the woman, Duke ties a rope to the police car and lowers himself down. Nathan makes like he is going to shoot Duke (yeah, right) and Audrey stops him. Nathan believes that Duke is going to kill the woman.

As Duke gets to the car the woman tells him to hurry because the rocks are going to fall and the tide is rising. Because she is thinking about it, rocks begin to fall. Duke warns Audrey and Nate and tells the woman that she is making it happen. That does no good and Duke reaches in to touch the woman’s bleeding leg. This removes her Trouble and gives him a massive power surge. He literally rips the car door off, the steering wheel out and removes the woman and takes her to safety. It’s extremely important to note here that Duke doesn’t have to actually kill the Troubled person, just touch their blood. This will likely come into play later on in the series.

While all of that is going on, Tommy has been investigating the scalped woman. Remember that in the last episode there was a woman with a mutilated face (her nose had been cut off). So the sicko now has hair and a nose; charming.

The newspaper brothers are used to essentially open access to police reports. Tommy, being recently from Boston, doesn’t share. This upsets them and they go to Nathan who decides to follow Tommy’s lead on this. The brothers are irritated and start digging into Tommy’s past. One of the funniest and most informative scenes to date takes place when they attempt to use their information about a sealed Internal Affairs report as blackmail.

Tommy Smiles at them when they mention the sealed report. Then he asks about their private affairs. He asks if the good citizens of Haven are aware that the brothers are worth millions and own most of the commercial properties in town through shell corporations. He asks then why they have so many offshore bank accounts and what they are really doing. Not giving them time to answer he tells them, quite simply “Stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours.”

The creepiest moment is at the end when the sicko is brushing the scalped hair. It’s really strange and the music was perfect. Stay tuned!

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