Having a positive Mother’s Day this year

I will start out with saying for us who came from dysfunctional and abusive families certain holidays are hard on us.  Mother’s Day is a day I always want to skip for a few reasons main one being the way I have and still treated by my “mom”.  Now I don’t want to hear you need to forgive, or you will wish this or that.  I don’t want to even hear how sorry you are.  Not to sound rude but this year I refuse to let her get the best of me.

I became a mother in 1988 to a beautiful son, Nicholas; again in 1992 to the most beautiful daughter, Megan.  However, as much as I love my children my life was down the wrong path.  Till 2006 when I met my now husband, Eric and his beautiful son James came into my life.  James came home on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2006. This was the beginning to the huge change of my life. I won’t get to the full story of Baby James but for you who have not read you can do so on Baby James Foundation page.

Nicholas was a big boy 9 lb 8 oz


Me and Nicholas, I had a c-section because of him being in stress due to me having Toxemia.


Megan, was born c-section as well weighing 8 lbs 2 oz.  She lost lots of weight down to 6 lbs 2 oz because of being born with RSD (Respiratory Stress Disorder). Today you wouldn’t know it other then her Asthma.


Me and Megan


James the day he came home from the hospital weighing 6 lbs 6ozs.


Me and James


Well today started like always and I was down in the dumps.  I got up and went onto facebook and I had received a post that would bring me out of the dumps.  It was former Mayor of Carpentersville, IL, Bill Sarto.  I am sure he probable didn’t realize how that post would wake me up and make me realize this isn’t about my “mom” but me as a mother.  He had sent me a card which you can view here.

Well after that I started looking through some videos I had made.  I came across this one I made last year for James’ 4th Birthday.  The song I think is a perfect song for Mother’s Day for mothers who adopted.

I would like to say for all of you out there that Mother’s Day may be hard for some reason, look around there are something positive in it.  I am sure if I can find a reason to turn my Mother’s Day around all of you can as well.  To all of you mom’s Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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