‘Hawaii Five-0′ ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Crossover Sneak Peek: Danny Calls Sam and Callen

Hawaii Five-0 season 2 will be crossing over with NCIS: Los Angeles in this week’s episode, “Pa Make Loa.” Two of the NCIS: LA team will be flying to the island when it turns out they have a common enemy.

H50/NCIS: LA Crossover Sneak Peek

Hawaii 5-0 LogoDaniela Ruah’s Kensi has already helped out Steve McGarrett earlier this season, but now, it’s Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) turns to leave Los Angeles behind for a bit and head down to Hawaii. It’s going to be very personal for Callen, as the person they’re after is none other than a Comescu.

The Hawaii Five-0 sneak peek from the NCIS: Los Angeles crossover event (below) shows just how this crossover begins. Danny calls up Sam (he and Steve know each other), and Sam asks if the fellow Navy SEAL is too busy surfing. Danny explains that he’s on leave and tells them he’s calling because their suspect is on NCIS’ watch list: Dracul Comescu. That gets their attention. Danny explains that they found his prints at a murder scene and asks if he has history with him. Callen says, “a very personal one.” Sam explains that they “ended the family business.” Danny tells them, “He’s got a new hobby. He may have gotten his hands on the small pox virus.” Sam and Callen will be hitching a ride down to Hawaii that night.

This case will be taking them back to Los Angeles for the second part the following night, for NCIS: Los Angeles‘ “Touch of Death,” which will see Danny and Chin Ho heading to LA. Will they catch their guy before too many innocent people lose their lives?

What do you think of the Hawaii Five-0 sneak peek from the first part of the NCIS: Los Angelescrossover, “Pa Make Loa”?

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