‘Hawaii Five-0′ Season 3 Spoilers: A Death in the Premiere

Hawaii Five-0 may have ended with McGarrett coming face-to-face with his mother, but that wasn’t the only cliffhanger. Chin Ho had to make a tough decision when his wife and cousin were both put in serious danger, and it’s still possible both could die.

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Alex OLoughlinAccording to xfinityTV, executive producer Peter Lenkov has teased, “somebody definitely dies” and “there will be blood” in the third season’s premiere. He went on to say, “We wrap up the Kono storyline; we wrap up Malia, and then we get into this really big episode.” The season 2 finale ended with Kono drowning and Malia bleeding. It does seem like the more likely conclusion to this storyline will be Malia dying and Kono finding a way out of her own situation herself. It’s hard to imagine the Five-0 team without her, and it is easier to imagine them killing off Malia than Kono. It would leave Chin Ho grieving, but it would also mean he wouldn’t have to wonder if he chose wrong and could’ve saved Kono if, say, they both died. Kono can take care of herself, and while she was in quite the sticky situation, it wouldn’t be surprising if she found a way out of it.

Also coming up in the Hawaii Five-0 season 3 premiere is McGarrett seeking answers from his mother, who was presumably dead all this time, and more from Wo Fat, as Lenkov teased, “He will be back in the first episode.” Yes, Wo Fat is still going to be a thorn in McGarrett’s side, but McGarrett will also have to deal with what his mother has to say. Lenkov explained, “She has a lot of explaining to do. Twenty years abandoning her family, which she considers making a sacrifice to protect them, feeling like she had to do that… She has a story about why she disappeared; I am not sure McGarrett believes her. That is going to be interesting to flesh out.” She’s not only going to have to explain herself to McGarrett, but to Mary Ann too, as Taryn Manning is returning for a family reunion. This should spring them into a strong arc for season 3, as McGarrett’s also going to have to figure out if he can trust what his mother has to say. Is she going to be keeping anything from him? If so, is it because of the maternal instinct to protect her children, or is something else going on? This is going to be quite the season if what has been revealed so far is anything to go on.

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