‘Hawaii Five-0′ Season 3 Spoilers: Alex O’Loughlin on What’s Next

Hawaii Five-0 wrapped up its second season with a shocker that is leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the series returns with its third season in the fall. Alex O’Loughlin had an interesting second season—both with his character and personally. He spoke about what is ahead for McGarrett in season three, and he also opened up about his time in rehab. That time took him away from the series for weeks, but the cast and writers made the absence look like a part of the plan all along with some quick work.

In the season two finale, the final moments of season two showed McGarrett coming face to face with his mother for the first time in years. He believed her to be long dead. This will have an impact on his character in season three. O’Loughlin said the following, according to Inquirer Entertainment:

“The final realization for McGarrett is enormous. It flips the whole game on its head. Everything’s changed. The nature of everything he thought about that had been going on, he’s got to go back and reevaluate not only how he feels about everything but also of the information that he’s had. All of the clues that he’s been following, this investigation that’s ongoing about the death of his parents, who’s behind it and who’s filtering the information.”

Season three will also see his love interest throughout the previous two seasons join the team in season three. This could cause some interesting scenes as well.

As for his time away from the series, he admits to his issue with pain killers. He began taking them for an injury he had on set. He said the following about his time away and his recovery:

“Probably the biggest thing is how responsible for the show I actually feel. I don’t know if that’s my job to feel that way or whatever. Personally, I’m fantastic. It’s like nothing happened. I am still doing physical therapy three times a week. I’m back and doing lots of jiu jitsu. I’m surfing, running, doing all that stuff. I just have to say no to some of the stunts that I love doing so much. I enjoy doing that stuff but I’ve learned to let the stuntmen do those.”

It is great to hear that Alex has managed to handle his problems. He is making a full recovery. He returned to the set in time for the final two episodes of the season, and things picked right up without missing a beat, He is a large part of what makes this new Hawaii Five-0 work.

What do you think? Are you ready to see how McGarrett handles the fact that his mother is alive?

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