‘Hawaii Five-0′ Season 3 Spoilers: McGarrett’s Mother Is Back But Still in Trouble

Hawaii Five-0 returns for its third season in September, and it’s going to pick up with that family reunion teased in the season 2 finale. Steve’s mother is alive, but where do they go from there?

H50 Season 3 Spoilers

Alex OLoughlinEven though Steve’s mother Doris is alive and he knows it, there’s still plenty of trouble coming their way. TV Guide has a first look photo of mother and son, and while it’s nice to see a family reunion, Doris has some explaining to do. According to Christine Lahti, who will be playing Doris, “She faked her own death to protect her family. Now she’s come back and Steve is shell-shocked. She hasn’t seen Steve since he was 15 and wants his forgiveness.” Finding out the mother you thought was dead all this time is alive isn’t something that happens every day. She needs to explain herself, and she will have “at least four episodes” to do just that. Those episodes “will reveal where she’s been all this time and if she’s to be trusted.” Can Doris be trusted? Could Steve get his mother back after everything only to find out that she’s hiding something?

Whether Doris can be trusted or not, executive producer Peter Lenkov teases, “Wo Fat wants Doris dead, and a man like that is hard to keep behind bars.” So even if Steve discovers that his mother may be keeping things from him even as she explains herself in Hawaii Five-0 season 3, he may also have to figure out how to protect her. With Lahti only slated for a few episodes, will she have to leave because her life’s in danger, or could this storyline end with her dead? Considering Steve thought her dead all this time, it doesn’t seem likely that will be the case. However, they are going to have to explain her absence after those episodes, and since it doesn’t seem likely they’re going to completely wrap up the Wo Fat storyline in just four episodes (or even five or six, if she’s in more), they could use that to explain her exit—and leave it open for her to return in the future.

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