‘Hawaii Five-0′ Season 3 Spoilers: Michelle Borth on Being a Series Regular, McGarrett and Catherine

The Hawaii Five-0 cast is going to have a slightly different look for season 3, as Michelle Borth, who plays Catherine, has been made a series regular. So what does that mean for the team and for her relationship with McGarrett?

H50 Season 3 Spoilers

Alex OLoughlinMichelle Borth talked to E! Online about the changes coming, and she knows that there could be fans who are wary of her being a series regular: “I think there are some fans who don’t want a new member and they don’t want to disrupt the entirety of the four, and I do kind of agree. I don’t want to come in and be disruptive either. I want it to be a gradual easing in for sure.” That does seem to be the best bet as to how they work her in, because otherwise, fans could easily turn on the character. First, they do need to resolve those cliffhangers from the season finale—Who lives? Who dies? What’s going on with McGarrett’s mother?—before they can even think of giving Catherine the proper introduction as a full-time character.

So what will this mean for Catherine and McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0 season 3? Borth revealed, “I think it will be a rocky road.” After all, they’re going to have to figure out what this means for their relationship. It’s a thin line they’re walking. It could make work difficult if there are problems, but then it could make things uncomfortable in their personal lives as well, depending on what happens at work. Then there’s the fact that they’ve probably gotten used to not being around one another all the time, and since they will be, that’s something they need to talk about to figure out what that means for their relationship.

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