‘Hawaii Five-O’ Actor Masi Oka Cares Even More About Cancer than His Series Cliffhanger

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For the past two seasons, Masi Oka, has portrayed the cool, quirky, and far beyond clever forensic scientist, Dr. Max Bergman, on Hawaii Five-O. He knows his business of tracing the evidence to the bullets and bodies, but he’s not above putting on his duds from The Matrix for Halloween, either. On a visit to CBS This Morning today, though, Oka described his personal connection for his commitment to Stand Up to Cancer tonight.

Against a backdrop of warm pictures, Masi gave an update to Charlie Rose, saying his mother was in her fourth year of living from inoperable brain cancer, and that thanks to treatment, this fourth year holds promise for complete remission. Like so many celebrities who participate in the now annual blitz of hope across the major networks to bring hope to patients and survivors across the world, Oka has someone very near and dear in his mind and heart as he makes those donation pleas and takes pledges. He encouraged donors this year to respond to the drive’s much heavier involvement in social media, by using the hash tag, #SU2C in their messages today and during the production. “Every dollar can mean a difference to someone,” he stressed.

When asked about what was in store for Hawaii Five-O in the coming third season, premiering September 24, he described how mothers would play a big role for the crime-fighting team, too, as Alex O’Loughlin’s cop character, Steve McGarrett’s mother, portrayed by Christine Lahti, will play a pivotal role this third year. His own character, Dr. Bergman, was left in a courageous battle at last season’s end, summoning up courage that fans and even the actor himself may not have seen in the character. Oka wasn’t giving away any compelling canapés of information on that outcome, but he did say the team dynamics and the beauty of the island itself would definitely be drawing in fans again. Masi Oka just cares more about drawing in the dollars for his cause now.

Stand Up to Cancer airs tonight beginning at 8 PM ET on NBC, CBS, NBC, and FOX networks.

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