‘Hawaii Five-O’ Flings into New Year 2013 with Fan Directed Episode

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If the Hawaii Five-O fortnight of past episodes is leaving fans lonely for new action, island vistas, and seeing the best looking bunch of crime fighters on TV, whether shirtless in swim trunks or in full tuxedo and tails, there will be lots to keep fans busy on the January 14 episode to launch the new year, as fan votes will lead to the killer and the end to the episode. Quite a way to welcome back a waiting audience!

Never giving away too much, the teasing taste of the episode preview puts forth only the plight of a dead Professor Cutler, who is discovered in a bathtub full of acid. Obviously, that is no way to do oneself in, so the team trusts Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) to uncover that the good teacher was deceased before his deadly drop in the tub! It’s always fun to participate in Dr. Max’s pathways to the truth, with that precious quirky sensibility that makes sense only to him at first. A dashing young student is under the cloud of suspicion, too, and naturally incensed. The crime scene is staged as a robbery, but that is too old hat to keep the Hawaii Five-O team at bay for long. Faithful viewers are teased with the typical car chase, the breaking down of doors, and all guns drawn entries, but hopefully there will be some of those missed “carguments” between “Danno” (Scott Caan) and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to make fans comfortable before they come to the tough stuff of profiling a killer. Votes will be tabulated through the broadcast, and the majority rule will reign in the perpetrator. So far Season 3 has had the best of family reunions, guest stars, and romance. Will fans rise to a killer challenge to preserve the honor of the H5O team? The only way to know is to tune in for all the suspense!

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