‘Hawaii Five-O’ ‘Na Ki’i’ a Knockout: Dolls and Dog Deliver Blows, While McGarrett’s Mom Keeps Up Deception

Hard-core Hawaii Five-O faithful finally got the long-awaited new episode, #18 for Season 3, “Na Ki’i,” (“Dolls”) this week, and the story delivered a lot more than the raucous stuff around the ring. There were lots of hints that the season has more surprise ahead.

As promised in preview photos, the action started hot and heavy, as “Dog” the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman and his whole litter of Chapman pups are tracking a delinquent runner, and the Dog shows that man on foot can be more fleet than the motor vehicle. Just as “Dog” is getting his guy under control, a young woman crashes onto the vehicle, doing it in as well as herself. She is schoolteacher, the mild-mannered Dana Moore by day, but roller Derby jammer, Dicy Hot by night, and she cares so much about her flying freedom in the rink that she doesn’t give in to her boyfriend’s wishes or a hustler Larry Banks, who offers her big bucks to throw a game. Actor, Drew Powell has a dual role as Banks and the team coach, Eric Blair, looking heavier, and playing the heavy, too. Lt. Commander McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and mom, Doris (Christine Lahti) plan a cozy day of canoeing, but before it can become a mom-son confidential, mom reveals that she’ll be having lunch with Catherine (Michelle Borth) just as Steve suggested, and Steve is called in on the case. Ever diligent in his job, Max (Masi Oka) does a blue chemical paint job on Moore to reveal that she was injected with a powerful but slow acting sedative the evening of her death, and that she was fighting back right to the end. “Danno”(Scott Caan) and Steve go on-site at the rink to question the girls, and Danny’s humor that Crimson Bride (Tiffany Dupont) had parents who were “Denzel fans” didn’t go over. When Catherine is drafted to go undercover as a derby diva herself, though, Danny demonstrates that he knows all of the roller derby dialect along with past players of lore “from his mother.” Catherine isn’t crazy about becoming a derby debutante, but Kono attests that she’ll be recognized from earlier rolls in the rink, so the dutiful detective beauty dons her sexy protective gear, and does her best to make the team, but comes in second. Steve is steamed that second isn’t good enough this time, so he pulls rank with some parking tickets to keep her competition detained, so on the roster she goes!

Doris is shaken up and beaten up in a home break-in by someone who knows just what he wants from the safe, and how to get it. She tells Steve “not to worry” at the hospital, but despite holding her own in another battle, she is clearly worried, and heart ache shows in her eyes. The team learns that a rink rival, “Sugar Stix”, whose day job is being a pediatrician Dr. Shanon Morgan (Zoe Bell), but her main concern, like Moore’s, was being uncovered as someone who “puts people in the hospital,” nothing as serious as wanting anyone dead. Catherine confesses to Steve about the identity of Mengosta, and her promise to Doris never to tell Steve. He’s clearly haunted by his same old trust issues with the he loves. When Catherine retrieves Coach Blair’s hard drive information that Steve requested, it reveals endless videos of doped women, in compromised positions, and points the finger squarely at him for murder. He sees Crimson Bride coming out of his office, so he plots with an opposing player to take her down during the game, but she’s too tough to succumb. She gets her downing blow from the coach himself in his office, and he’s about to inject her, “just like with Dicy” when the team takes him down, Catherine getting the good shot!

During a showery funeral service for Dana “Dicy Hot,” sentimental memories are bestowed, as now everyone sees she had the team’s back. Steve has a talk with mom over morning tea, and learns that the microfiche from her safe, detailing her entire CIA career and identity, was taken, leaving her with no more “insurance” to keep her or her family safe. She desperately makes a secure call, admitting her safety now is “not for long,” as Steve and Catherine share a sweet kiss and meaningful embrace after Catherine’s burdened admission that “I should’ve told you.”

How long does Doris have now? How long can Steve himself be safe, much less protect those he loves? Is this an evil, looming mystery too big for the Hawaii Five-O team to take on? Those big questions are big reasons to keep watching, because many new episodes are still to come in the next weeks!

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