‘Hawaii Five-O’s” Alex O’Loughlin Learns Cause of Garage Fire Is Oily Rags

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Hawaii Five-O star and super sleuth on-screen cop, Alex O’Loughlin, has really had a rough week. A fire struck the star’s home on Monday afternoon, causing approximately $110,000 in damage from loss of motorcycles, tools, surfboards, and other items. Truly counted among blessings, though, is that that the Australian-born O’Loughlin has his family intact, with sons Saxon, Spike, and young Lion all safe and sound, along with girlfriend Malia Jones.

Another blessing is that the home portion of his dwelling was spared. Just like his hit drama leaves fans and sometimes pinched perpetrators was something to learn, fire inspectors determined that the blaze was sparked by oily rags from a woodworking project being left open in the garage. Certainly, the same situation can be found in thousands of garages everywhere. Local fire Captain, Terry Seelig, described how oil left on rags or towels can spontaneously combust when tossed in trash or left in a pile. He recommends always putting soiled rags in metal containers with lids. He also mentions that similar fires start in restaurants, when towels saturated with cooking oil are washed, but still contain oil when they are tossed into a dryer. 

Loyal viewers will recall a few fiery episodes for the “Five-O” force, including “Danno” (Scott Caan) trying to start a campfire, and Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) deliberately setting bait for a captor by starting a fire in a toaster with paper towels. It’s much better to keep all of the fires that destroy things only in the scripts instead of real life. Fans much prefer heat from the chemistry between the cast, which returns this week. Sometimes, even the most elite of police, and proud papas, like Alex O’Loughlin, have to learn hard lessons. There may be a shortage of metal trash cans in Hawaii for a while!

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