Hay-Ku of the Day (Out of the Mouths of Babes)

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“If I don’t sit next
To (my) Daddy, it will be 
A serious mistake!”

[Rich Note: As the following, subsequent Sandy Jones’ confirmation and clarification suggests, this “Mighty-Might’s” — this is Sash’s second Hay-Ku (Re: “…my mind made me do it…”) — declaration works equally well (and with much better likely results) from a “Top Down (Divine or Absolute) or Bottom-Up (Human or Relative) Perspective or Point of view:

SJ: “You know, We are sitting next to daddy at all times, no matter how much we might declare otherwise! As awareness we are next to Source.

RH: “Love the Daddy response – We really See “I to I.”

SJ: “Yes the presence is always present.”]

[Rich Note: (Photo caption) Looks like that “serious mistake” has been made, as that’s Sasha (I like to call her,“the Sash-a-nator”) sitting on Grandma’s lap in the red; Companion haiku: Accompanying.]

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