Hay-Ku of the Day (Self-Control)

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What makes “me” think I
Can control “my” world if I
Can’t control “my” self?

Rich Note: (Photo Caption) Fancy Uroboros; Intentional or not this depiction of a Western Garter Snake is also an Uroboros which not only represents Infinity but “recycling or renewal of the Universe” (For scientific types: Check out Big Tube Theory at http://www.mu6.com/uroboros).]

[Rich Note: Given the “777”(numbers some might call prophetic and, perhaps, the Good Lord’s way of reminding us Who Is Really In Charge) point” dip in the stock market yesterday, I thought shifting to a direct consideration of “self-control” as it relates to previous observations with regard to an apparent “inner me” controlling an “outer world” (that relative thought supposes and, I would suggest, actually creates) might be appropriate.]

[Rich Note: “Mind and Life” both work as good alternatives for “self” in the third line.]

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Retired USAF Major, military and airline pilot; with an alter-ego as a 40 year seeker and lover of Truth. Presently, the author of a book entitled: "Out of My Mind and Back to My Sense: The Object of Life Is To Find Out Who I Am Before Time Runs Out.

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