Head and Shoulders a shampoo for everyone

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5 star rating


Head and Shoulders shampoo who has heard of it? If you haven’t let me tell you abut it. It’s know for helping people with dandruff. Even if you don’t have dandruff you should still use it. My hairdresser recommended it for me saying it will help keep you hair healthy and shiny.

Dandruff is a white flaky thing that some people get from their scalp for not washing thier hair correctly. Using Head and shoulders can help get rid of it.

Head and shoulder comes in various sizes of bottles. The shampoo itself is a greenish color! You can even use this shampoo if you have highlights or color your hair! It won’t damage it. It’s also not to expensive to buy if you don’t want to pay for designer products. They also have a conditioner.

I’ve been using Head and Shoulders for years. I’m very happy with it and recommend to people. My family uses it all the time and it makes your hair look great. Both the Shampoo and conditioner can be bought together or seperately.

Why pay more money for another company when Head and Shoulders has been the compnay known for protecting hair from dandruff for years?

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