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The following are notes and experience gained after taking a healing course in Santa Fe, New Mexico from a student of Dr. Ray, the creator of this program. After months of the class we gathered to practice a “hands on”, all day session. It was amazing what myself and others received as emotional healings. I will be glad to answer any questions that you have.


EMOTIONS are energy in motion

sometimes controlled, sometimes not

they have a profound effect on the body


Sometimes we react unconsciously to our environment

With a lack of true insight, maybe say,”I don’t want to know”

This reactive pattern involves the root chakra


Chakras (wheels) are energy centers in our bodies

Detected thousands of years ago by China and India

Our emotions cause electrical impulses that control functions


UNCONSCIOUS ness  can be caused by;

  1. Sexual abuse
  2. Guilt
  3. Self- hatred

And manifest as:

  1. Bladder problems
  2. Menstrual problems
  3. Miscarriages
  4. Bed wetting
  5. Impotency
  6. Changes of life
  7. Knee pain

The cure is CONSCIOUSNESS, say:

  1. I am the creative power in my world
  2. I love and approve of myself
  3. I choose to feel enthusiasm

Work with:

  1. The color red (colors have different vibratory patterns)
  2. Smoky Quartz
  3. Massage Lumbar 3
  4. Maximum sunshine on back
  5. Natural progesterone and red raspberry
  6. Massage between ankle and heel
  7. Massage middle of big toe (nerves to pituitary gland)



APATHY…almost total denial of ones own abilities

Thought patterns are;

  1. I can’t —-
  2. I don’t care
  3. It’s too much to handle

It involves the Sacral Chakra and effects the Spleen and Immune System

Mental causes are:

  1. Obsessions with things
  2. Obsession with failure
  3. Resisting your ‘good’
  4. Feeling attacked by life
  5. Feeling unwelcome
  6. Repressed emotions
  7. Blocking the flow of ‘good’

The cure for APATHY is; ABILITY

  1. I love and approve of myself
  2. I trust the process of life
  3. I am safe
  4. All is well
  5. I am wanted and welcome and deeply loved

Work with;

  1. The color orange and sound”D”
  2. Carnelian Citrine
  3. Compassion
  4. Myrtle leaves/ periwinkle
  5. 8th thoracic vertebrae



GRIEF…Solar plexus Chakra. Involves, Pancreas and Adrenals

This is called “the victim effect”

  1. Look what you’ve done to me
  2. Avoids responsibility for own creative efforts
  3. Reactive and prefers to remain the victim through justification and denial
  4. Places problem outside of self (blame)

The mental (emotional) causes are;

  1. Refusal to enjoy
  2. Storing pain
  3. Feeling let down
  4. No sweetness in life
  5. Defeatism
  6. Not caring for one’s self

 The cure is GRATITUDE

  1. I claim my own power
  2. I will allow sweetness to fill my life
  3. I lovingly create my own reality
  4. I love and approve of myself

Work with:

1.the color yellow, topaz, the sound “E”

2. Forgiveness

3. Digestive system

4. Cedar berries for Pancreas

5. Licorice root, Fo-ti and Pantothenic acid for Adrenals

6. Massage T-7 for pancreas and T-9 for Adrenals

FEAR…involves the Heart Chakra {heart, thymus, lungs, medulla (brain stem)}

If you have security issues or  have thoughts of:

  1. That which I have feared has come upon me
  2. Leave me alone
  3. I’ve got to go now
  4. Unwilling to tolerate that which we find uncomfortable
  5. Avoiding the source of the problem

The mental causes are:

  1. Love and security missing
  2. Feeling Attacked
  3. Lack of joy
  4. Belief in stress and strain

The cure is FAITH, say:

  1. I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experiences
  2. Inner peace is my goal and my heart forgives and releases

Work with:

  1. The color green, sound “F”, Amethyst and tourmaline, love and circulatory system
  2. Massage T-2
  3. (for heart)Hawthorn, ginger root, Cayenne pepper, Lecithin and Lipase
  4. (for lungs) Grindelia, osha root, Pleurisy root, Mullein, Lobelia and Cayenne
  5. (for medulla) massage hollow recess at back of head just below skull



ANGER…involves the throat chakra (thyroid and parathyroid)

Emotions involved:

  1. Single point of view (everyone but me is wrong)
  2. No reasoning only justification and defensive posturing

The possible causes are:

  1. Humiliation
  2. Rage at being left out
  3. Feeling hopelessly stifled
  4. Power issues

The cure is ACCEPTANCE

  1. I move beyond old limitations and allow myself to express freely and creatively
  2. I create a new life with new rules that totally support me

Work with:

  1. Sky Blue, the sound “G”, turquoise, truth and respiratory system
  2. Cervical spine C-7 ,Kelp and Dulse

PAIN…involves the brow chakra and the pituitary gland which secretes 7 hormones

Possible feelings:

  1. It’s too much, I can’t take it!
  2. Being resistant and unwilling to lovingly receive the experience of love
  3. Reacting with contraction to that which violates our comfort zones
  4. Setting up a resistance for pain to exist
  5. Pain is love seeking to return


The cure is PERCEPTION

  1. I am in control of my thoughts
  2. Choice and insight exist regarding this resistence
  3. Every healing crisis is an opportunity to achieve a greater truth or belief system
  4. My mind and body are in perfect balance. I control my thoughts

Work with:

The color Indigo, the sound “A”. Lapus Lazul, patience and the autonomic nervous system

  1. Massage C-1
  2. Gotu Kola (leaf and root)

The first step is to identify the resistance. This is a blockage in the nervous system which can cause a deposit of calcium which blocks or impedes the flow of the natural electrical impulses along the nervous system. Then identify the negative thought pattern. Come to terms  or identify the cause of the fear or neg. emotion. At this point one has a choice, to avoid responsibility or “look in the mirror” and accept the responsibility for your negative response. When you accept your creation and are willing to look at it “at a different angle, there will be a revelation of understanding and an immediate insight which brings JOY!

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