Health Benefits of Buchu Herbal Water

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Without water we simply cannot survive. It is essential for the digestion and absorption of food, it regulates blood circulation and body temperature, it carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells and it flushes the kidneys of dangerous toxins.

Add the powerful and proven medicinal qualities of the South African Buchu plant, and you have a highly effective preventative and natural healing tonic!

What Is So Special About Buchu?

Buchu Plant

Identified centuries ago as a treatment for many ills, the rare Buchu plant is an integral part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is only endemic to the mountainous areas between Paarl and Clanwilliam in the Western Cape.

Commercially cultivated for its essential oil, Buchu contains a host of bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Together they form a medley of antioxidants which attack damaging free radicals in the body, thereby preventing disease and enhancing overall well-being.

The FDA, WHO and EU approved Buchu oil is scientifically formulated into a portfolio of Buchulife health care products including a range of Buchu Herbal Water.


Health Ailments and Buchu Herbal Water

Recent research has indicated that the 100% natural & organic, sugar-free Buchulife Herbal Water is effective in the treatment and symptomatic relief of the following conditions:

•    Kidney and liver disorders
•    Arthritis
•    Rheumatism & gout
•    Fibrositis
•    Water retention
•    High blood pressure
•    Urinary tract infections including cystitis and prostatitis
•    Stomach and digestive complaints
•    Coughs and colds

Added Benefits of Cranberry and Lime

The Buchulife Herbal Water range comprises natural, cranberry and lime flavours. Apart from the efficacy of the highly treasured Buchu herb, both cranberry and lime are renowned for their added health benefits.


Cranberries are particularly effective in the prevention of kidney and bladder disease. Chemicals found in the berry keep nasty bacteria from adhering to the cells that line the urinary tract, ensuring they are flushed out of the body in the urine.
Jam-packed with potassium, Vitamin C, manganese, dietary fibre and antioxidants, cranberries can prevent cancer and are useful in the treatment of heart disease, can lower cholesterol, combat yeast infections and even prevent gum disease!


Used as an overall tonic, lime is particularly rich in Vitamin C which not only maintains teeth tooth and bone health, aids the healing of wounds and increases the body’s resistance to disease, but also prevents eye damage and disease.

Pectin prevents high blood cholesterol, limonene is a powerful detoxifier with antibiotic qualities and the citric acid found in lime has an alkaline reaction in the body which is known to relieve the symptoms of peptic ulcers!

Where to Find Buchu Herbal Water Online

The Buchulife website showcases a range of Buchu health products including Natural, Cranberry and Lime Buchu Herbal Water. Explore the site for more information on the Buchu herb and its health benefits, scan the testimonials from contented customers and then contact Buchulife today for a healthier future.

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