Health Care overhaul linchpin ruled unconstitutional: Struck down by Federal Judge Henry Hudson

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The key component of President Obama’s planned overhaul of American health care (aka Obamacare) was struck down today as unconstitutional by Federal Judge Henry Hudson. Opponents of the new legislation requiring all Americans to have to carry health insurance coverage, intend to continue all possible channels, in their challenge to government involvement in health care.  For the time being, Judge Henry Hudson has put US health care a la Obamacare on a path which will most likely require settlement in the US Supreme Court.

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Obamacare only had one major flaw:  Jail time for what should be a personal choice.
According to Bloomberg, lawmakers in Washington D.C. still face a long series of legal challenges, and opposition scheduled by a variety of interests opposed to the new mandates ordered from the capitol, a variety of interests of which none are any insurance firms. People are challenging the new health care insurance requirements, due to a belief that such a personal choice, should not be impeded by government. While some proponents allude to similar liability insurance for vehicles, opponents remind Obama that vehicle choice is a choice, whereas living only has one other alternative.

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However, all is not lost for those hoping to see a better health care climate in America.
Health care coverage has enjoyed a rigorous discussion. More United States citizens now consider the importance of self-coverage all that much more of a priority now, than ever before. Most importantly, more Americans than ever before, are considering their lifestyle factors, within their day-to-day choices. Isn’t that the ultimate health care reform of all possible scenarios? We all win.


President Obama can still turn this into a win on healthcare reform.
As for whether President Obama has a legacy of being the first American president to successfully launch US health care reform, he and his party only need to now come to the table in a spirit of compromise.  Too many citizens felt slighted by insurance laws, passed with threat of jail-time.  More people might have been willing to hear the case of of an option that, wasn’t threatening jail time, over health insurance coverage.

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