Health Care reform – a reason to HOPE

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 Hope is the strongest driving force for a people. Hope which brings about change, which produces new realities, is what opens man’s road to freedom.

Oscar Arias Sanchez, excerpted from his 1987 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

  Millions of people, both insured and uninsured are looking for hope in correcting many of the ills of our present state of healthcare…..

 When it comes to healthcare, many no longer have hope without reform. And a good many of those, don’t know it and are against it…

 Remember if you have insurance , it can be taken away before the day is out and you wont even know for a while.

Tomorrow you could have an auto accident be seriously and permanently damaged, with no one’s insurance to cover it.

You could come down with a serious illness that would cause your company to cancel the coverage or would cost more than the lifetime limits of the policy.

 Please remember, we are all in this together, but we will suffer separately under this system..

 If we don’t fix it, everybody will find a day when they are faced with living or dyeing for the stupidest reason if we don’t start re-doing this system now.

 Most people who have coverage are just one minor incident from being without

 If your not for reform, then what are your plans for the future if things stay like they are?.

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