Health Department Dismisses Claims Regarding Beyonce’ Baby Birth

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Everyone knows Beyonce’ gave birth to a (hopefully?) beautiful baby named Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, this is common knowledge. But did you know that health officials in New York were forced to briefly open an investigation surrounding the child’s birth? It seems that this celebrity pregnancy and alleged child delivery is affecting more than just crazy fans. However, it was probably easy to see this coming since something similar happened with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon around the birth of their twins.

Anyway, the birth of Blue Ivy Carter not only warmed the hearts of many-a-fan, but it also apparently angered some people and raised concerns as well. Beyonce’ probably didn’t pay much attention to this as she is probably recovering after (maybe?) giving birth to the kid. Sources report that the New York Health Department had to look into an investigation because parents were complaining about not being able to see their own newborns while Miss Thang did her stupid celebrity birth-act.

Nonetheless, this investigation has been dropped, but why? Surveillance footage of the hospital was completely taped over during this alleged childbirth for some reason, but officials say that security guards were present. This just seems like Beyonce’ and Jay-Z went through made this way too big of a deal. Who needs a locked-down hospital wing to squeeze something out of them like that? Just a few guards in front of the delivery room would have sufficed.

Indeed it seems that Beyonce’ and co. try to live as royalty, like they’re the Kardashians or something — but hey, at least Bey has a relative amount of talent. This whole birthing ordeal is finally over and people can get back to their lives. It’s kind of perturbing that the investigation has been closed because it seems rather upsetting that families may not have been able to see their own newborns because of some celebrity.

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