Healthy Living Hearty Team Challenge- December 21st

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I am leaving tomorrow or Wednesday to Pa. to see my family. I have a feeling I will not eat as well or exercise as much as I have while I was at home. Also, with my motherboard frying, I will have to borrow computers to post updates while I am up there.

Things have not been going as well at home either. When I am stressed I tend to overeat. I also have another trip planned from the 1st through the 3rd. As of Monday the 4th I am hoping to be back on target with my healthy habits. So although I may not be giving my best performance for my team in this challenge. I am hoping that with the start of the immunity one I will be a better teammate for my team then. If I don’t talk to you all sooner, hope you’re having or will have a wonderful holiday season!


I am taking a Gather challenge with other Gather members

My team is Team B.

Hearty Team B:

Mary G.

Ginny W.

lynn a.

Steph-in-NE …..

Tara C.

April H.

Dianna Doles-Petry

Rachel D.

.* Sandi *

Hearty Team Form

1. How many minutes of exercise did you complete today? 100


2. What Omega 3-enriched foods did you eat today? Omega 3 spread, broccoli,tuna


3. What vitamins/supplements did you take today?


4. How many unhealthy snacks did you avoid today?




I walked.

I take 3 Acidophilus, vivix which is a reservatrol tonic, fish oil, multivitamin (various) x 5.

The motherboard fried on my laptop and I now have to use a friend’s.

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