Hear Adam Lambert’s Bonus Track Snippets (Audio)

The release of Adam Lambert’s album Trespassing is around the corner, and new preview snippets for a few tracks have just become available. Snippets from the songs off the standard version of the album came out last month on iTunes. However, previews for the three bonus tracks off the deluxe US version were not provided at the time. Now, Amazon has released snippets of these three songs, titled Nirvana, Take Back, and Runnin’. Listen to the snippets below:

Audio credit: Scorpios4Music

Although the previews are short, there is just enough to satisfy the millions of Glamberts that have been eager for a taste of these tracks. However, for some, it makes the wait for the release of the full songs even more difficult. There is not much longer, as the album drops on May 15 in the US. You can pre-order it at digital music providers such as iTunes and Amazon, as well as Adam Lambert’s official music store.

Do the new snippets make you even more excited for the release of Trespassing?

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