Heart Attack Grill Controversy: Free Meal For Those Over 350 Lbs

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The Heart Attack Grill controversy involves free food, high calories and highlights the obesity epidemic. This Las Vegas restaurant clearly advertises that anyone over 350 lbs eats for free. The restaurant is also designed to resemble a hospital, with the servers costumed as nurses and an ambulance out front.

“The signature dish is the Quadruple Bypass — four half-pound burger patties topped with cheese, bacon and no lettuce. If you order it with the fries cooked in lard and the triple butterfat milkshake topped with a pat of real butter, you’ll be getting 8,000 calories worth of food,” reports MSNBC Today.

The Heart Attack Grill controversy doesn’t necessarily stem from the food served because plenty of fast food places serve highly calorie and fatty foods, but from the fact that the restaurant pretty much makes light of “unhealthiness” and even promotes it with its free meal deal. However, Americans need to realize that the Heart Attack Grill is not going to make America fatter because America has the power of choice. Every individual has the freedom to choose what they put into their body.

As the Heart Attack Grill controversy rages on, Americans need to realize that personal responsibility is the only way to get and/or stay on the healthy side of obesity. This restaurant may actually be doing patrons a favor by appropriately naming their dishes and being open about the calorie content. “Individuals have a responsibility for their own health, and a bit more transparency from all restaurants could be the first step in helping consumers to make better choices when it comes to their diets,” reports Alicia French of SheKnows.


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