Heartless Christina Aguilera Refuses to Speak to Dying Grandparents

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Christina Aguilera either has ice water in her veins or she’s decided for reasons known only to herself to chase Brad Pitt. Much like Angelina Jolie’s baby daddy, La Aguilera has decided to ignore elderly relatives. In Pitt’s case, it was his grandmother. La Aguilera has decided to make it two for one. She reportedly refuses to communicate with her elderly grandparents despite the fact that they both have serious health issues and will probably not live long. Her family and friends are hoping she’ll relent while there’s still time.

According to Christina’s uncle, her grandparents both suffer from terminal illnesses, and their dying wish is to see their granddaughter once again before they pass away.

“Christina’s grandfather is 86 and her grandmother is 82,” explains Christina’s uncle. “They have health issues. It would mean the world to them if they could see Christina before they die.”

So, there you have it. Of course, all families have problems not to mention secrets. In all fairness to Christina Aguilera, she may have her reasons for rejecting her grandparents, and they may even be legitimate ones. However, perhaps she would be wise to reconsider and reconnect with them even for a brief final visit. If nothing else, it would have to create some good karma for her.

Just saying.

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