Heat Wave Kills 4,300 Turkeys in Kansas, 50,000 Chickens in North Carolina

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The serious heat wave in the Midwest has killed 4,300 turkeys in Kansas. By now, most people are aware that several states including Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri and Virginia have had a string of 100+ degrees days causing heat warnings throughout the region.

Heat Wave Kills 4,300 Turkeys in Kansas, 50,000 Chickens in North CarolinaIn addition to the 4,300 turkeys in Kansas, the heat wave also killed 50,000 chickens in North Carolina. What a massive loss for these poultry farms. Kansas turkey farmer Holly Capron said, “It felt like a war zone. It felt like hell.” Burying all the 50-pound turkeys took more than 24 hours.

Capron said that temperatures in the buildings they raise turkeys for Butterball were 106 degrees even with big fans working to cool the space. The heat was so intense that the birds were overcome. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, 50,000 chickens died when the power went out for 45 minutes. What a disaster. So many dead birds.

While the huge concern during the heat wave has been people, especially elderly and young children. Animals are also a major concern during these triple-digit days. What have you had to do as a result of the soaring temperatures?

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