Heather Dubrow Claims Alexis Bellino Used To Yell At ‘Real Housewives’ Crew

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Heather Dubrow thinks her co-star Alexis Bellino is more than phony — she’s a mean girl, too! During the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Heather pointed out that Alexis doesn’t treat the show crew well. In fact, she’s down right mean to them. Gretchen and Tamra agreed that they, too, had witnessed Alexis’ not-so-nice ways.

In a new interview, Heather elaborated on the way Alexis treats staff. “It’s just a general rudeness and expecting everyone to pick up after you and yelling at the crew.” For someone who accused the cast of ‘bullying’ her, she sure is a bully herself! What’s even funnier is Alexis’ recent stance against bullying. If she treats others so badly, why would she make herself look even worse by making a joke out of the anti-bullying movement?

Heather added, “She’s not nice. And you know what? I never got so many high-fives as I did from the crew after all that aired!” That makes sense! Too bad fans didn’t get to see that!

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