Heather Dubrow Gives Up on Alexis Bellino

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Heather Dubrow was the newest housewife and resident brunette on the block in this season’s Real Housewives of Orange County. Now that the season has come to an end, she’s looking back on the drama, including what went wrong with her and Alexis Bellino.

They got off to a bad start when they met for lunch — they just plain did not mesh well. From then on, things never really got any better. Dr. Dubrow calling Alexis “phony” surely didn’t help things.

Although they seemed to make some headway after the reunion, things have once again turned sour. Heather tells Us Weekly, “For me, I’ve really tried to restart with Alexis a few times, and right after the reunion I thought we were on the road to recovery and then she turned around and trashed me in an interview. And I thought, ‘you know what? At some point you have to know when to shut the door,’ so I think I’ve shut the door.”

Filming on season 8 won’t begin for several months, so Heather and Alexis will have plenty of time to cool off before they meet again.

Tune in to Monday night’s reunion part two with Heather Dubrow and the rest of the ladies!

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