Heather Jackson and Children Were Strangled to Death

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Twenty-three-year-old Heather Jackson and her two toddler children were found dead in their Ohio home on Saturday evening on a welfare check. The small family had not been heard from by loved ones since Friday. What officials discovered was horrific, and it’s being investigated as a homicide. The bodies of a 3-year-old girl and an 18-month-old boy were found in a closet in the home. There were no apparent injuries to their bodies. While the official cause of death isn’t yet released, it’s being reported that they died from a type of strangulation.

The reports aren’t clarifying on where the body of Heather Jackson was found in the home, but she also died of a similar death as her two young children. Detectives have not released any names of persons of interest or suspects in this case, but a community is still grieving and on edge about the horrific murders of a mother and her children. Could the suspects be targeting other households or was this an apparently focused attack that leaves no other person at risk? Was Heather purposely targeted by someone she had wronged or was this a chance occurrence?

Apparently the woman had only lived in the home with her children for a month. This isn’t quite long enough to settle in and make friends, or foes, in an area. She’s described as “having some issues,” but being a good mother. What could these issues be? Did she live in a high risk lifestyle? Hopefully these kinds of details come out soon, or a suspect is arrested.

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