Heather Thompson Explains Not Inviting Ramona Singer To London

Heather Thompson made waves on Real Housewives of New York when she invited everyone except Ramona Singer on a trip with her to London. Ramona had gone out of her way to accuse Heather of interrupting constantly and being difficult to talk to on episode 1, and karma has surely caught up with her.

“Not inviting Ramona on the trip was simple and it was honest and sincere,” Heather explains in her Bravo blog. “Every time Ramona and I are together we wind up in on opposite sides of a debate. With the other ladies, it is just so much easier. And I can’t imagine myself inviting someone I didn’t have a easy relationship with on a trip across the Atlantic.”

At the rate these two get into an argument, there surely would have been many if Heather had invited Ramona. However, was it really fair to invite everyone but her? She barely knew any of the ladies, so she was essentially taking a shot in the dark as to who she’d have fun with.

Heather maintains her stance. “There is a big difference between taking someone on a plane away from home for several days and inviting people over to your house for a few hours for dinner.”

To see more of Heather Thompson and the ladies’ trip to London, tune in to Real Housewives of New York on Monday night at 9/8c.

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