Heather Thompson’s Son Is Alive, She Reacts To Rumors

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Heather Thompson, star of the Real Housewives of New York, got her first taste of tabloid drama this week — and it was not a good one. In fact, it was a death rumor about her own son! Thompson, whose son suffers from a disease called biliary atresia, was disgusted.

According to Rumorfix, Thompson tweeted, “It’s sickening. A horrific rumor that – thank God – is entirely untrue. [An] awful woman put out an awful rumor.” Heather also requested that all her followers to block the Twitter user who was responsible.

Apparently, the woman had thought it would be cool if the boy’s death was a trending topic on Twitter and got the rumor started. Luckily, Thompson got word of it quickly and put a stop to it.

Thompson’s co-star, Aviva Drescher, was just as horrified by the woman’s lack of judgement and tweeted “not cool” to her. The rumor was very ‘not cool’ — to say the least.

Hopefully, Heather Thompson will have better luck in the press from here on out!

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