Heidi Cortez (the Playboy DJ on Howard Stern)

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In what had to be the smartest move in her career, NY radio host Heidi Cortez befriended Howard Stern today on Facebook. On air on 97G in NYC, Heidi Cortez has actually done something else that interests me more: Been in Playboy.

So apparently Heidi Cortez and her Playboy-worth rear are another in a long line of hot chicks on the radio. Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea? Do I need to explain the difference between a visual and auditory medium again? Isn’t radio a dead medium anyways?

But whatever. By Facebooking Howard Stern, Heidi Cortez will be launched into the mainstream (let’s not forget Howard is who got Jenna Jamison her start). But is this really what modern interaction has turned into: Facebooking each other? It seems even more removed, in terms of human interaction, than the radio.

And just to prove my previous point about human interaction and irony, I'm going to blog some more…


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