Heidi Klum admits to sleeping with bodyguard on Katie Couric’s new show

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Over the past few weeks, there’s been some serious speculation that supermodel Heidi Klum has been sleeping with her bodyguard. Her ex-husband, Seal, claims that Klum started shagging the bodyguard for many months—long before the couple ever separated. His vulgar references to his ex-wife, “fornicating with the help,” left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans, especially after Klum made it very clear that she “never looked at another man when she was with him.”

Klum appeared today on Katie Couric’s new talk show, “Katie,” and opened right up about what’s going on in her life and how she’s taking things one step at a time. She did confirm that she’s very recently started “seeing” her bodyguard but says that she can’t call the bodyguard her boyfriend because the relationship is still “so new.” While the alleged affair seems less and less to be the cause of this couple’s divorce, Seal’s recent allegations and the manner in which he’s chosen to refer to his ex-wife and her new beau have made it pretty clear that there’s more going on behind the scenes than just some minor irreconcilable differences.

Throughout her interview with Katie, Heidi Klum made it incredibly clear that she’s not focusing herself on this particular aspect of her life right now. Instead, she’s focusing on her children and how they are adjusting to her divorce from Seal—as any devoted Hollywood mama would be right now! And as for the cause of this high-profile split? The world may never know. Although if previous celebrity divorces are any indication, there might be a tell-all book in Klum’s future. (TMZ)

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