Heidi Klum Divorce: Seal is Secondary to Her Children

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Heidi Klum’s divorce from Seal is proving to be a terrible one. The usually quiet couple is taking interviews to dicuss their private affairs. Heidi and Seal used to be so quiet about their personal lives but not any more. Seal is yapping about him and Heidi all the time now.

HEIDI KLUM 16X20 PHOTOKlum recently said, “If the house was burning down, the only things I’d rescue would be the kids.”

Apparently, Seal and his outrage sat on the backburner to their children. And, he should! If the house were burning, Heidi Klum should be able to handle her own without worrying about whether her (more than capable) husband can save himself. It’s a sad life when marriages end in a divorce but there’s always a reason, isn’t there?

Perhaps Heidi Klum and Seal just weren’t meant to be. There goes thick and thin. Whatever happened to those vows? Love can only go so far.

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