Heidi Klum Gets in Trouble for Going Topless

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Heidi Klum might be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but not everyone wants to see her topless.

There are plenty of topless photos of the Project Runway judge lounging around on the beach floating around on the web, and she doesn’t seem to mind being photographed with her top off. (Apparently when it comes to fashion, one day she’s in clothes, and the next day she’s out of them.) However, while her love of being topless might be embraced on beaches around the world, some Americans aren’t exactly a fan of the free way she flaunts her body sans bikini top.

Heidi Klum was having a little chat with Jay Leno when she revealed how her hatred of tan lines once got her in trouble with a hotel security guard. She was sunbathing by the pool without her top on at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona when a security guard approached her to say, “Ma’am, you have to put your top back on because we’re having complaints. People are complaining that you have no top on. “

That had to be the single most difficult moment of that poor man’s life! If his name ever gets out, he’ll never live down telling a supermodel to put her top back on (then again, he did sort of win by getting to see Heidi Klum topless in person). To make matters worse, Heidi stripped down again after he left, prompting him to give her another warning. Luckily she didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

Surprisingly, a woman being topless in public isn’t against the law in many states. In New York, Maine, Hawaii, the California coast, Ohio, and even Texas women have the same right to appear sans a shirt that men do (although they still sometimes get arrested for disorderly conduct if they test the law). There’s also a movement called “topfreedom” that’s fighting for the right of women everywhere to appear topless in public, so maybe one day Heidi Klum will be able to sunbathe without her bikini top in Arizona.

So what do you think of Heidi’s sunbathing? Should hotel guests have complained about it, or just enjoyed the view?

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