Heidi Klum Poses Nude For German GQ (PHOTOS)

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Heidi Klum comes from a culture that is not ashamed of nudity. And next month she’ll prove it by posing naked in the German version of GQ Magazine.

According to Hollywood Life, Heidi Klum doesn’t have a problem with that. And her family backs her up 100%…

The photos that have been published on line only give a taste of what we can expect. But it’s a very sweet taste.

Heidi Klum has been the stuff of fantasy for more than 20 years now with her statuesquely divine looks and long, lean, lithe limbs that have lit up runways all around the world. In the meantime she’s also had 4 kids. That’s not usually conducive to a naked model posing dream – but in Heidi Klum’s case it’s a definite ASSet…

Have a look for yourself by viewing the photos here. And in the meantime start brushing up on your German superlatives.

We’re talking Wunderbar… without the Wonder Bra!

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