Heidi Klum Takes Flared Jeans Too Far in Hollywood

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Supermodel Heidi Klum took the trend of flared jeans way too far. In fact, some people were afraid that a small child could get lost in those folds of denim fabric swirling about her legs. It didn’t help that she chose to put on a baggy shirt and a baggy, shapeless jacket to top off the fabric bonanza.

Heidi Klum Takes Flared Jeans Too FarOther people even wondered “how can Heidi Klum walk in those things?” It is hard to tell because they were massive. The supermodel donned the dramatically flared denim while out and about in Hollywood with her daughter Leni on Sunday. Of course, some writers speculated that she may have had her other children with her as well, but they were hidden beneath the folds of fabric. What do you think?

While flared jeans may be considered better than the skinny jeans look, it appears as if this celebrity mom may have taken the trend too far over the weekend. In fact, her children may have been in danger due to all that fabric. What do you think? Where did Heidi Klum even buy jeans that flared? Perhaps she visited a thrift store.

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