Heidi Klum Wins Bet with Seal

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What may have been a shameless ploy to get Seal out of his clothes seems to have worked! While spending a magnificent vacation away in Aspen, Heidi Klum managed to get her husband Seal to strip off his clothes and make a shirtless snow angel. Seal was unfortunate to lose a bet with his main squeeze, and as such, had to pay up on his debt by hanging out in the snow.


Afterwards, Seal posted a picture of himself to his Twitter page, with the following caption: “My Wife Making Me Freeze My #*% Off!” One of his many Twitter followers was quick to ask why the heck he was lying outside in the snow. Seal’s reply? “[Heidi Klum] won a bet, and I had to pay up:-(.”

Next time, Seal might be a little wary before making a bet with Heidi Klum. His wife may be beautiful, but she is also a tricky one!

Photo Source: Herald Sun

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