Heidi Montag addicted to painkillers

image3.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID14380/images/Heidi_Montag_plastic_surgery_before_after_photo(1).jpgOkay things are just not looking good for Heidi Montag, 23. First she lost her best friend Lauren Conrad because of Spencer, next she married Spencer Pratt, 26 then she had a total of 10 surgeries and now it has been rumored that Heidi Montag is addicted to painkillers.

Heidi’s close family and friends have said that every since the plastic surgeries Heidi has made some dramatic and dreadful changes.

“Heidi used to be so funny and sweet, but now she’s quiet and hollow.” A friend said.

Since Heidi’s plastic surgeries she has expressed more unusual and disturbing behavior. She has frequent mood swings and seems over emotional most of the time. Some of Heidi’s close friends believe prescription drugs are the blame for Heidi’s outrageous behavior.

Hdidi was prescribed Demerol, Vicodin and Percocet after her surgical procedures. She took one of each several times a day because according to Heidi she was in a lot of pain. When the pain went away friends say Heidi continued to take the pills and believes she is dependent upon them.

To add more fuel to the fire, sources also say Heidi hasn’t been able to sleep without taking sleeping pills and has now become dependent on them as well.

As a result to the prescription drugs Heidi’s eating habits also have changed. She eats foods like carrots and celery sticks, but nothing more. She takes vitamins and drinks plenty of expresso and black coffee.

At times Heidi seems paranoid and her speech is slow and abnormal

She speaks in codes on the phone because she thinks her phone is tapped. Her mood swings have affected her marriage to Spencer causing them to get into more fights then they were before.

Recently Heidi’s family reached out to Spencer’s to stage an intervention for Heidi. They are really concerned about Heidi’s addiction and I hope she gets the help she needs because prescription drug addiction is worse than recreational drugs! In my opinion she is too young and pretty to lose her life that way!

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