Heidi Montag Addicted to Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

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In the new issue of People Magazine Heidi Montag Pratt is on the cover announcing that she is addicted to plastic surgery–having ten procedures in one day.  The reality vixen is only 23 years old!  What could she possibly need to have surgery on?  This is not her first time to have plastic surgery either, last year she went under the knife to get a breast augmentation and a nose job.  This time she had ten procedures, she tells People, “For the past year I’ve thought about what to have done.  I’m beyond obsessed.”

This is really disheartening.  A 23 year-old in the public eye, watched (and hated) by millions, feels like in order to keep up with the world around her she needs to undergo serious rounds of plastic surgery.  Heidi what are you thinking? Heidi Montag Pratt calls the plastic surgery “the journey to become the best me.”  Should you change your attitude to become a better person, not your looks?  Beauty is only skin deep–ever heard of that one Mrs. Pratt?

The surgeries Heidi Montag underwent were breast enlargement (didn’t she already do that), chin reduced, nose-redone, liposuction, etc. and she wants more!  Is this just a ploy for more media attention?

What do you think of Heidi’s new look?

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