Heidi Montag Almost Died After Plastic Surgery [video]

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In an Access Hollywood interview Heidi Montag sat down with Billy Bush to reveal her tale of almost dying after her ten plastic surgery procedures.  The girl could barely move her face during the interview.  In reference to her near death experience Heidi Montag said, “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did.  My breathing was five breaths per minute, which is like almost dead.”  She claims her security guard and former EMT noticed her breath and called the nurses in for an emergency.  An emergency what Heidi?

Billy Bush asks Heidi why she had the procedures to change her appearance, her response was that she was not happy with the way she looked.  A firm believer in God and devout Christian Heidi responded to Bush’s question, about God giving her one body, why change it, with a “God created Dr. Ryan.”  Therefore… I do not know.  Watch the clip from Heidi Montag’s interview with Access Hollywood as she recounts her “near death” experience.

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