Heidi Montag and Plastic Surgery: Before and After (VIDEO)

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Heidi Montag was a breakout star on The Hills because of her fresh, natural beauty and what seemed to be her unawareness of it. Of course, as we all now know, that was all a calculated strategy meant to deceive viewers into thinking we were watching a Reality TV show that turned out to be almost totally scripted.

Still, the role lead to instant stardom for Heidi and soon to be husband Spencer Pratt. The turn on The Hills lead to several shots on “real” reality shows like “I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” and the like which truly showed what was really going through Heidi’s mind.

Now the 23 year old starlet has undergone 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day that have totally transformed the fresh faced ingenue into a bikini clad bombastic blondeshell with bowling ball sized boobs, gelatinous lips, sculpted Roman nose and toned down hips, butt and legs.


See for yourself if there is an improvement and tell me what YOU think…

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