Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Detained in Costa Rica

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Police detained reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at a Costa Rica airport for carrying illegal firearms and not declaring them. “Airport police chief Otto Arrieta says security officers found two handguns in the pair’s luggage. He says the former stars of The Hills had not declared the weapons and did not have permits to have them in Costa Rica. They did not have ammunition,” writes USA Today.  

Montag and Pratt were held for questioning at the airport but were later released and allowed to leave the country, so we get them back. We get them because they didn’t have ammunition, but do we want them?  It is unclear if Heidi Montag was body searched, because with her fake body parts she may not have stayed in one piece.

As for Spencer Pratt, he probably did not have to be searched. Montag probably loved the experience, as she is such an exhibitionist. The whole thing is really quite funny. The couple has been in Costa Rica since August 14, but they’re home now, making a scene back here. What do people see in either one of them except a spectacle?

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