Heidi Montag: Maybe Lipo Wasn’t Such a Good Idea!

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For Heidi Montag, hindsight definitely is 20/20. The Hills star, Montag, who is the poster child for plastic surgery now is having a few regrets about having one procedure too many! Which one would she take back?

“Getting lipo is my biggest regret… I got cellulite after my lipo,” claims a seemingly distraught Heidi Montag. “I’m so insecure about my legs. I rarely wear shorts.”

This is actually quite sad. In Montag’s quest for the “perfect” body, Heidi instead became a laughing-stock because of her well publicized procedures. That she is so traumatized now, only a couple of years after the procedures, that nature has taken over her may lend itself to a larger self-image problem.

Hopefully, Heidi Montag can turn her own struggle with self-image into a positive to help others. One thing is for sure, Heidi is quick to tell others to skip plastic surgery and do things a bit healthier…through diet and exercise. “It’s less painful, cheaper and more beneficial.” says Heidi. If only someone had told her that before the liposuction.

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