Heidi Montag Suicidal?

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Friends and Family to the Hill’s actress are worried about her and say Heidi needs help. Sources are saying that Montag has fallen into a deep depression after her intense plastic surgeries she had. A close friend revealed:

“Heidi hates herself, which is why she’s got into this mess. No matter how many times she goes under the knife, it doesn’t take away from the fact she’s the same insecure person underneath.

“She’s doped up to her eyes on painkillers and has terrible mood swings. Heidi’s completely addicted, which has everyone worried sick. She slurs her words and seems unfocused. We think it’s the painkillers. We want her to go to rehab before it’s too late.

Other sources are saying it is a ploy to get onto the show Celebrity Rehab, either way if it is fake or not we cannot take chances. Too many celebrities are lost at such a young age and tend to “accidentally” overdose so who cares if it is fake just get her help before it is too late and her family says what if we helped her.
What do you guys think of Montag’s depression? Something to worry about or something every celeb does for attention?

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