Heidi Montag Tries Again to Waste Money on Music Career!

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Heidi Montag must really want a music career badly. As if wasting the first $2 million, two years ago wasn’t enough to convince her that she can’t sing, the form star of “The Hills” marched right back into the studio to try her hand at a music career again. Why can’t she stick to reality television and plastic surgery?

In an EP called “Dreams Come True,” Heidi Montag has released four new songs with a new producer. Note to Heidi, no amount of over-producing and auto-tuning can replace a decent song and decent singing, no matter how hard you try. Still, she is trying to make a pop music “comeback,” used here loosely, since she sold less than 1,000 copies of her first album in its first week.

“Thank you all for your love and support! #DreamsComeTrue! (sic),” said Heidi Montag to her loyal Twitter following. It makes you wonder who on earth will buy this stuff. Perhaps more than the original 1,000, who just want to hear this hot mess. One thing is for sure, Heidi’s 2nd shot at music stardom can’t go any worse than the first attempt, can it? Talk about a complete waste of time and money.

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