Heidi Montag’s Mom a Maid After Hurting Daughter and Losing Restaurant

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Who would ever believe that Heidi Montag’s mom is now a maid cleaning family homes? Well, it’s true, according to Hollywood sources on the scoop and skinny of “The Hills” main cast member’s mother.

It’s always news when there’s gossip about the rich and famous becoming a victim to the economy just like those in the daily grind.  However, what is more surprising is when a superstar celebrity like Heidi Montag allows her mom to work as a maid.  But, why?

Television viewers once knew Darlene Egelhoff as “Mama Montag” or Heidi Montag’s mom on the popular show “The Hills”.  Now that the celebrity mother has lost her once-thriving restaurant after 21 years in business, she is known as a maid who makes ends meet by cleaning homes, according to Inside Edition.


Many would be embarrassed by a fall from grace and having to face a peer group left behind in new role of fame.  Surprisingly, Egelhoff responds in this manner when her employers recognize her as a celebrity mom during an interview for a maid position:

“That’s very humbling for me and I very much appreciate that experience because I don’t ever want to get full of myself and think I’m too good to do anything,” she says.

Very humbling talk indeed, especially when Darlene Egelhoff bashed her daughter over dinner about her going under the knife.  In an episode of “The Hills”, she unleashed a salvo of disagreement to Heidi Montag’s choice in having 10 plastic surgeries in one day.  The mother and daughter exchanged verbal blows on camera as the look on their faces showed no sign of a truce.  Could this bad karma be one reason why Heidi Montag’s mom is now a maid?

Heidi talks about her personal choice in how her outward appearance was not in sync with her inward feelings, and she thought it was improper for her mother to talk about that over dinner and on camera.  However, “Mama Montag” pushed the buttons a bit too much, trying to one-up her 24-year-old daughter by saying she would gladly put the burger Heidi was eating in a blender to assist her chewing it (sore mouth from surgery).

Apparently, that was all was needed for Heidi to cut off ties with her mother after that encounter.  It has been nine months since the two have spoken.  And, now that Montag’s mom is working as a maid, she is feeling the brunt of no financial life-line to support her once celebrity lifestyle, thanks to a famous daughter.

But, in an effort to win back the heart of her daughter who she smeared in the mud over a personal choice, Darlene Egelhoff has created a website called, “Metamorphosis of a Mom”.  She says that it serves two purposes:  To educate broken families on the art of healing, and to use it as a way to communicate with her estranged daughter.

Heidi, are you listening?  Mommy knows best, so go back to her when she needs you the most.  But, the questions are:  Darlence Egelhoff, are you in need of financial support and feeling the hollow sound of an empty nest?  Are you on “tilt” from cleaning yet another tub ring, and tired of being a maid?  Or, are you sincerely sorry for the pain and anguish you must have caused your daughter from a choice she made?

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