Heiress Elena Ford Police Report Revealed Epic Fail on ABC’s!

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The Ford Heiress, Elena Ford, was unable to recite her alphabet or count backwards from 100 on a sobriety test during a DUI. Ford is the Ford global marketing chief, and she was driving in a car with her 11-year-old son at the time of the arrest. Her son stated that his mother was “trying to use the phone” when the authorities pulled his mom over.

The Ferndale police released their own statement in regards to the heiress Elena FordÂ’s arrest.

The report stated, “On Sunday night at approximately 9:50pm a Ferndale Police Officer observed a vehicle traveling north on Woodward Ave near Nine Mile road above the posted speed limit. The Officer followed the vehicle and observed the vehicle driving erratically. The vehicle briefly went over the curb at one point and returned to the roadway. The Officer stopped the vehicle near Cambourne Street and made contact with the driver, Elena Anne Ford. ”

Undoubtedly, Ford did not expect to be pulled over this past weekend and have her name slathered all over the television and Internet.

The report continued, “The Officer further discovered that the vehicle was occupied by an 11 year old child in the rear seat. The Officer noted indications of intoxication and conducted field sobriety tests. Ms. Ford was arrested at this time for OWI. She was transported to the Ferndale Police Station, where she was booked and given the opportunity to submit to a breath test (Datamaster).” Oh no…the dreaded breathalyzer.

The Ferndale news release went on to explain that Elena Ford took the breath test “without incident.” The Ford heiress was later released with a $500.00 cash bond. Her 11-year-old son was taken to the Ferndale police department and given to the Ford family. It must have been terrifying for the young boy to see his mommy hauled off by police. What kind of an example is Ms. Ford setting for her young son?

The news release did state that Elena Ford did not expect any celebrity treatment, and she did not receive any special treatment either. Ms. Ford contacted her attorney, and he began to have a court date set for the OWI proceedings.

TMZ revealed what occurred during Elena FordÂ’s sobriety test. The website stated, “1. ALPHABET: Elena started A B C D E F G A B C H I D J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X W Z and stopped. 2. COUNT 100-80: Elena started: 100 99 98 97 96 (PAUSE) 94 96 95 94 93 92 91 90 Elena stopped and said, “Do I need to continue?” I asked Elena to continue to 80. Elena started again: 80 89 88 87 86 85 84 83 82 81 89 and stopped.3. FINGER TIP TO THUMB: Elena counted on both hands. I demonstrated the test again for Elena. She counted properly and was able to touch her thumb to each finger tip as I had asked her to do.”

Yes, Ms. Ford seemed quite plastered. It is a wonderful thing that the police stopped her erratic driving with her son in the car. The OWI incident could have easily been a deadly accident instead.

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