Helen Mirren Topless Photos Become Top Trend on Internet

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As of Monday, Helen Mirren topless photos have emerged as a hot trend on the internet. Many web surfers seem to be looking for pics of the actress nude from the waist up, from a promotional New York Magazine photo shoot.

However, as IBTimes.com reports, it’s not a recent Helen Mirren image that is being searched for. She went topless while promoting a movie called “Love Ranch,” based on Mustang Ranch in Nevada. For the photo shoot, done last year, Mirren is seen in her bathtub, naked. A slideshow of four photos, shot by Juergen Teller, is still available over at NYMag.com.

Helen Mirren is now 66-years-old, but is still turning heads and heating up the screen in movie roles. She was in the hit film “Red” along with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich last year. More recently she appeared as a character in the film “Arthur,” and in 2012 she’ll be appearing in an episode of “Glee,” as well as a Phil Spector biopic. Mirren has won the Academy Award for Best Actress, for her 2006 performance in “The Queen.” In addition she’s had three other Oscar nominations, and has won four Emmys, along with multiple other awards and nominations.

What separates Mirren from other actresses is her level of class, whether doing a nude photo shoot at her current age, or winning awards for great acting. These days it seems other actresses are having naked photos or sex tapes leaked, or just posing for Playboy. Mirren’s promotional campaign has done the trick over a year later, as Helen Mirren topless photos are heating up the internet searches, again. Will it lead to more people buying and watching “Love Ranch”?

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