Helicopter Crash: 3 Killed in Reality Show Crash

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In a horrible accident in Palm Springs, Cali., a helicopter crash ended with three killed in the reality show crash on the morning of Feb. 10. The helicopter went down at the Polsa Rosa Movie Ranch.

A company called “Bongo Productions” produced the reality show, which has no name, although it is referred to as an untitled military show. The File:MESH helicopter.jpgproducers own the company which produces The Biggest Loser and had a deal to air the show through the Discovery Channel. The production company acknowledged the accident killed the three people and they sent out their condolences to the families.

This is a horrific event, and it is hard to understand how a life can be lost doing something as superficial as shooting a reality television show. While these shows remain popular for many viewers, they are never worth the loss of a human life. The fact that this was a helicopter accident makes it more of an incidental death, but that won’t comfort their families as they grieve for the loss of their loved ones. Hopefully, the entire reality show stops production because if it does hit the air, it will live on as just a reminder of the loss of these three people’s lives.

Deaths while filming television shows and movies are rare, but they do happen on occasion. A stuntman died while shooting The Expendables 2 in 2010 after a mishap on a planned explosion and in 2007 a cameraman died on the set of The Dark Knight when the truck he rode in crashed into a tree. In two of the most infamous cases, Brandon Lee died when shot with a blank while making The Crow and in Twilight Zone: The Movie, Vic Morrow and two child actors were decapitated in a helicopter crash that went out of control.

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