Helicopters Save Crops From Unusual Florida Chill – Will It Work?

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Helicopters are being used in an effort to save crops during a rare Florida chill. This type of freeze is uncommon in Florida, and farmers are concerned to lose the important crops. Currently choppers are hovering low over crops of green beans and sweet corn.

Low Flying Helicopters May Save Florida’s Crops

Helicopters work to save crops in Florida during unusual cold snap.The hope is that the helicopters will save the crops from freezing in the deadly frost. If they are working as expected, the helicopters are pushing warmer air towards the plants. Many crops in Florida were wiped out during last January’s freeze, and another lost season of crops could be devastating to the region as well as the U.S. food supply.

Florida is the biggest producer of sweet corn in the U.S., which is the type of corn that people generally eat. Unfortunately Tuesday morning’s winds grounded the choppers, but farmers intend to try to use the helicopters again as early as Tuesday night if the wind calms a little. Unfortunately, right now there is little for farmers in Florida to do other than pray and hope for the best.

Helicopters Are Expensive and Dangerous – Last Line of Defense Against Freeze

The crops in Florida are worth an estimated millions of dollars, so hopefully the helicopters will be able to save the crops. It is an expensive last line of defense against Mother Nature’s wrath – costing about $2,500 per hour just to fly one chopper over crops. Wow! That is a lot of money per hour per helicopter. Thankfully if the helicopter is able to raise the temperature near the plants even a couple of degrees, the crops will likely be saved from the frost. Unfortunately, the helicopter plan can also be dangerous. Just last week three helicopters crashed during an attempt to save crops – thankfully the pilots survived.

Not only would destroyed crops affect the farmers in Florida, but they would also affect consumers at the grocery store. If the crops do not make it, then the prices are going to be higher at the store, which is something people don’t need to be dealing with as the economy slowly gets back on track. There is a lot at stake, so let’s hope these helicopters work and save the crops.

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